About Us

Our Mission: We connect teachers and educators globally to meet daily classroom needs and demands, by fostering a continued partnership of real-live professional assistance through mentoring, collaboration and idea-sharing, thus ensuring a quality education for students in every community. was founded by two public school teachers. With over fifty years of combined service, both have experienced the need for assistance in and out of the classroom and understand how daily responsibilities of the teaching profession can impact one’s personal and professional life. Ensuring that day to day demands are met such as grading papers, writing lesson plans, changing bulletin boards, implementing Common Core Standards, preparing for statewide testing and teacher evaluations, the art of teaching can become frustrating and stressful. Joining #THT gives educators the opportunity to share their expertise by mentoring other teachers while earning extra income. Additionally, educators acquiring assistance (mentees) have the opportunity to join #THT, choose their mentor and receive the assistance they need. Take back your evenings and weekends!

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