1. What exactly is is an educational matching service for educators. We are in all 50 states! This site pairs Mentees (teachers that need help) with Mentors (teachers that can help) to provide assistance and support with grading and filing papers, setting up and changing bulletin boards and classrooms, writing lesson/unit plans, evaluations and MORE.

2. How do I make money as a Mentor with
Mentors make money by being selected by Mentees to help with projects(s) or by choosing project(s) posted by Mentees. Mentors submit a proposal to help with the project (based upon credentials, experience and ideas promoting themselves) to Mentees. Mentees then decide whether or not to accept the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, the Mentor and Mentee agree upon price and time frame for submitted proposal for the project(s). Once the project has been completed, funds will transfer to the Mentor through their PayPal account.

3. How do Mentees and Mentors communicate?
Mentees and Mentors communicate on the website via the workspace.

4. I signed up to be a Mentee and I am not getting anyone to help me with my projects?
If you are a Mentee and Mentors are not choosing to help with your projects; 1. You can reach out to potential Mentors by clicking on the “Find Mentors” tab and reaching out to them. 2. You can choose to purchase an “add on” for a nominal fee that will mark your project as Urgent and/or display it on the Homepage and/or display it in the Categories page on the website.

5. What if I am not satisfied with my Mentor’s proposal for my project?
If you do not like the proposal that the Mentor has suggested, you can cancel the project and your funds will be returned to your account. You are then free to select another Mentor.

6. Can I sponsor a project?
Yes! You can sponsor a project by first setting up an account as a Mentee. Find a project that “captures your heart”, notify the Mentee, then pay funds to Mentor’s account.

7. Can I be both a Mentee and a Mentor?
Absolutely! In order to be a Mentee and a Mentor, you need to establish accounts as a Mentee and a Mentor.

8. I’m not a teacher but I can create awesome bulletin boards, grade papers and etc. Can I sign up as a mentor?
Yes, If you have a skill set that allows you to meet the needs of a mentee’s project, you may sign up as a mentor. Be sure to include credentials, photos or references that validate your talents.

9. Will colleagues know that I have a mentor assisting me?
No, no one will know that you have a mentor unless you tell them.

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