How Tos For Mentors


1. From projects listing, select the project that you are interested of by clicking the project name to view its complete details. You may also click “Read More” link in the description section.

Apply Project1

2. You will be redirected to a new page where it contains the full details of the project. This contains the complete requirements, skills required and price.

Click “Apply To Project” button to proceed.

Apply Project2

3. Enter your proposal details on the fields of the form.

Make sure to read and understand the Terms and Conditions. Check the tick box provided to agree.

Click “Submit”.

Apply to Project3

4. A success message will be displayed if the proposal submission has been completed.

You may check back your notifications and email for the updates on the proposal you submitted.
A notification will also be sent to you if your proposal has been selected.



1.If your proposal has been selected by the mentee, you should be able to receive a notification for this. The next step would be agreeing to the project terms.

You can view the project terms through the following:
a. From the Notification list, click on the “terms” link from the message.
b. In the right sidebar, click “Proposals” link to view the full listing of proposals you submitted. Select the specific project, click the “Actions” dropdown box and select “View Proposal”



2. Review the terms specified by the mentee.

You may cast your decision by selecting the radio buttons provided:
a. Propose Terms
b. Accept
c. Decline

  • If you would like to negotiate by proposing another or additional terms, select “Propose Terms” in the Decision options. Specify the project terms for the mentee to agree on.
  • Select “Decline” the project to refuse the terms. You may also check the option “Remove me as a candidate” – this will cancel the negotiation immediately and removes you as winning candidate.
  • If you agree on all terms, click “Accept”, This will be subject for the mentee’s final approval to proceed then.

Click “Submit for Approval”. A dialog box will be displayed for confirmation, click Yes to proceed.   A dialog box will be displayed for confirmation, click Yes to proceed. Mentor will then wait for the mentee’s response to new terms.


5. After accepting the terms, the mentor will then have to wait for the mentee to finally approve the project. You may visit the “Proposals” page to check the latest status.

“Discussing Agreement” status – no final approval from mentee yet to start on the project

“Waiting for Funds” – approved by mentee, waiting for payment transfer

“In Development” – payment is done, workspace is now activated

The next step after final approval is Funds Transfer wherein mentee will send the payment. A notification will be sent once the payment clears, workspace will then be activated and work can commence.


1.Once project is activated, the Workspace link will be available to both mentee and mentor.

In the right sidebar links, click “Projects”. You may do any of the following to access the workspace:
a. From the listing’s quick details, under the selected mentor, click “Actions” dropdown box, select “View Workspace” option
b. Click the project name to view the project detail page. In the page, click “Visit Workspace” button.




1.From the Workspace -> Manage tab, update the Status to “Completed”. Also include additional notes for closing the project.

Click “Update” button to proceed.

A notification will be sent to mentee to confirm the project closing.



2. Once confirmed by mentee, the project status will be updated. You will have an option to leave rating and feedback to mentee you have worked with.



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